Saturday, February 7, 2009

AWNM 2 Meaning

Kristin Hokanson: Kristin is a blogger who's day job is Classrooms for the Future Technology Coach in King of Prussia, PA. Kristin is a PA Keystone Technology Integrator, STAR Discovery Educator, and Google Certified Teacher as well as Teachnology Leader through PAECT. Kristin is committing her time and efforts to creating a constructivist learning experience for students to prepare them for life in the 21st Century. She participated in this event last year and is thrilled to be invited back.

Julie Lindsay: Julie is the head of Information Technology at Qatar Academy in Doha.


Anonymous said...

The fischbowl was pretty good... but, like we talked about in the inner circle, it is the most difficult out of all the senses for us to grasp. I do think this has to do with age. There is so much we haven't lived yet... and that other adults have. We could probably find so much more meaning in just one year, and how much could we find in ten years? I suppose if we came back together in ten years to talk about meaning again, it would be a giant tornado of conversation. Ten years after that, well, it is almost incomparable to anything else other than... well I don't know right now. I'll think of a simile later! But I think we did a good job overall, and I can't wait until our final video conference with Daniel Pink!!

KyleL2012 said...

This fishbowl was difficult to talk about kind of like story. It's more of a sense that comes with wisdom and age more than in children. And we started asking unanserable questions which was sort of weird. It could have been better, but it could also have been Worse.