Thursday, February 19, 2009

Questions for Mr. Pink- The List

Nicole S.
In light of America’s current economic crisis and where you see it headed, how would you like to see America’s youth take action?

My class watched a video about wisdom the other day with many different meanings and thoughts about it for many different people, old and young. What is your personal definition of wisdom? Do you believe it relates to any or all of the six senses you included in A Whole New Mind? How might wisdom effect and/or relate to the Conceptual Age?

Kelsey C.
Have you found these qualities/senses important to your own personal success? Would you define yourself as successful?

This year, I walked into this school and began it like every other year. When I walked into my English class, our class was told "Change the World". In your mind, what is it to "Change the World"?

Kelsey W.
If only one of the senses existed, which one would it be and could it create the other senses?

Mariah F.
While we know that A Whole New Mind is a business book, how do you see these senses being used in life beyond work and jobs? Do we need to re-learn these senses or are they a basic human trait that we need to just be aware of?

Kailyn (Brooke)
I have always thought that creativity is a luxury, are you saying that perhaps it is not any more?
Is empathy a trait to be obtained or a universal habit that must be uncovered? In other words, do humans learn to be empathetic or have they always possessed empathy?

Emma W.
When we first started reading your book, many of our classmates were turned off by the cover which reads “why right brainers will rule the world.” Now that we have finished the book, we don’t really think that subtitle fits. Do you feel like it really envelops what your book is really about?

Kyle L.
You explain these senses you have in the right brain, but you never explain the left-brained people's role in this new conceptual age. What will become of the left-brained people in the future?

Allie C.
Do you think the education systems in the world today and in the past should be blamed, specifically, for the fact that humans are generally more L-directed and not R-directed in their thinking?

Lisa (Megg)
How do you want to see the education system change? What problems in it do you think need to be fixed so that when your kids go to school they will be able to get the best education possible?

Emma L.
What sense do you think will be most beneficial to master in the coming Conceptual Age?

Stephanie L
Those of us in the generation being raised in the Conceptual age that find our strengths in one or two of the senses, are we less likely to thrive in the coming years than those of us who were able to master the idea of creating a whole new mind incorporating all senses?

Justin P
Technological advancement has helped our world in countless ways, and in the Conceptual Age, it is supposed to get better. However, could this have some down sides to this? For example, since the TV came out, information was easier to broadcast, but it also has gotten people lazier. Could the Conceptual Age also have its down sides?

Now that your book has been out for a couple of years, is there any advice that you would add, take out, or change a little bit in your book?

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations everyone! I randomly read a few of the questions, and they were all great! Awesome job!!