Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oprah Winfrey poem

I am going to collect all of your secrets and redistribute them. With another person's secret, write a poem telling the story of that secret as if it were your own and addressing what you think about it. You could even look back at the secret as if you were older and wiser.


KyleL2012 said...
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KyleL2012 said...
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johnc2012 said...

My Life: The Sing-Along

"You can dance, you can jive,
having the time of your life...
See that girl,
watch that scene,
dig in the dancing queen!"

Mama Mia
Changed My Life forever
Now I
Can't stop singing alo-ong

In The Shower
Or you know All over!
I wish the sequel
Could just come out sooner

Amanda Seyfried
Makes my life worth li-iving
And I can’t get over
Meryl Streep as Lisa!

Oh yeah
I can DANCE!
I can SING!

robertc2012 said...

The Secret- I broke my brother's head open on the fireplace when we were young.

When I was foolish and young
My life as a kid had begun.
My little brother
However, was younger
And didn't know how to have fun.

When I was young I would wish
That my brother would play Go-Fish
And then came the day
When he learned how to play
And out the cards we did dish.

Now my brother was smart for his age
And so as the card game engaged
He found a match
Among the card batch
Which caused me considerable rage.

Now as my fury grew hot
I did something I should've not.
I pushed back his face
He hit the fireplace
And his head bled on the spot.

Now I was feeling the shame
For attacking him during the game
And the ambulance came
They took him away
And my conscience was never the same.

Maxe2012 said...

Two new parents discussing names
Trying to pick one
Making up name games
The mom decided and were finally done

She whispered the name again and again
What a beautiful name

The doctor came in announcing the child would be a boy
The father leapt up in a fit of rage
"No son of mine will be named that terrible name"
He screamed and shouted any name would be better than that
The new mom was starting to cry she wanted Kasey as her child's name
She needed Kasey
The father was torn he hated the name
But even more, he hated to see his wife in pain
So, he planned an idea
It was a wonderful thought
The Kasey would be hidden within the name of their baby son
And so The child was born the Father and mother proud
The child's name Kelly Carson
Within the name hidden away from the world
Hidden well
Were the two letters
K and C

ashleys2012 said...
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ashleys2012 said...

Dear Journal,

Secret, secret that I will never tell

Is that her music puts me under a spell.

Sitting in my chair with her music in my ear

I can hardly pay attention to anything but her.

The sounds stream in and out of my head

By the end I am relaxed enough for bed.

Her music is what leads me to sleep

Her music is what I will forever keep.

The Grass is Blue is one of her best

But still great are all the rest.

Norah Jones is who I will forever love

Her music is like the dove

That brings me serenity from above.

leslieh2012 said...

Say it loud and clear
Or mumble it so no
one knows
Hold your breath when you walk past so
your friends don’t see you
Sure it’s popular
And fun
I don’t know why anyone likes it.
Coffee is gross, and caffeine is a legal
It should be illegal.
Hardcore coffee is
I can’t say it.
all they sell is sugar in a cup
With brown gunk that shouldn’t be
called coffee
Giving it the color of popularity
Overpriced and undertasty
But it can’t be
It’s taking
If I can only make it though
this shift.

if you can't tell this person hates starbucks, but has to work there! lots of obscure jokes that probably only i get, but that's poetry for you.

robertc2012 said...

John- You should put yours to music
Max- Very cool ending.
Ashley- I like the journal idea

bayleyk2012 said...

Back then,
Way back then when I was three
I loved Thomas the Tank Engine
I loved his bright blue color,
The “CHoo CHoo!” as he rolls down the track.
Thomas was my obsession.

I got videos, tons of videos
I would sit down stairs and watch them for hours on end
Then I grew up.
I left Thomas behind in my basement
Almost forgotten as I grew

But never in all my years have I gotten rid of one of my videos
They sit in boxes collecting dust.
I cannot bring myself to throw them away
Back then,
Way back then when I was three
I loved Thomas the Tank Engine.

jays2012 said...
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BernardoT2012 said...

I am like the moon,
My friends only ever see one side,
We laugh, we cry, we talk, we sigh
But the other side I must hide.

I try not to let them see, but
Secretly I wish inside,
That they would look at my darker
Side and I saw theirs in kind.

I wish I had friends, that know what I hide,
And love me more, all heart and soul
for what is on the darker side.

True friends those be who know my soul
In its entirety,
They love the bright, adore the dark
I wish those friends were with me.

The friends I have who laugh and sing,
How could they ever know?
I blind them with the light they see
So my wish will never grow.

Why do I blind them?
If my glow were to dim,
I live in fear they will turn on me
And leave me to the Grim.
But those who stay are a true gem,
Who aren’t interested by the light
But in the moon that floats alone,
but would happily float with them.

I wish I had friends on this moon of mine
Who know the moon whole,
Those who float around the light
Are the ones who know my soul.

Brianc2012 said...

The money was there lying on the table

But i really really want cable

I know a thief is a very bad label

But it is worth all this trouble

I stare at it with a mighty glare

Go in from the back catch it by surprise

Even though money doesn't have eyes..

I snatch the money quick as a mouse

Then run like heck out of the house

But as I got out the door

My mom comes drving up in her car

Asking where her money is

Then I finally spill my guts

I stole $200 from my mom

KyleL2012 said...

In Mrs. Smith’s class, it all seemed like one normal day
But little did anybody know, a spy was in the fray
Waiting for justice to give her a call
When trouble was out, she’d burst through the wall
Using her fancy gadgets and spy tools
She would make the bad guys, seem like such fools
At the end of the battle she would return to her seat
She seems like a normal child, but she’s quite neat
This super spy, to infinity and beyond
This summer, one student is James Bond!

loganc2012 said...

Like a gleaming marble pillar
Standing alone
Amongst the rubble
Of those who have fallen

He stands
In my cast shadow
My weight upon
His shaking shoulders

Were the pillar to crumble
Were his shoulders to give way
My foundation would be shattered
My life thrown away

So in my final hope
May that which he supports
Fall to pieces, and pass on
Before the pillar cracks

mariep2012 said...

There are some things better left untold,
Like why the world turns on its axis,
And never stops.

Why spring comes, and fall goes by,
Like the sands carried by the tide.
But when it comes to family and life,
The secrets they always hide.

They bar my heart with silence,
They conceal my ears with lies,
They tell me it doesn’t involve me,
But yet I’d rather they try,
And tell.

I’m buried in the ignorance,
Of my family’s quiet fears,
But when I least expect it,
Truth creeps into my ears.

I feel wrong, I feel wrong,
Innocence escapes my core,
When they tell me that my grandmother,
Cannot love me anymore.

Did they think that it was better?
To cover up what’s real,
With a blanket of time,
That takes so long to heal?

But the truth it is not over yet,
Tiny bits begin to slip,
Then they tell me my cousin sinks into death,
With every little sip.

Another cousin with another tale!
As reality encompasses the room,
They say that as his wedding,
There will be a second groom.

The truth comes at the weirdest times,
When stuff will slip is a mystery.
It always takes me by surprise,
When things will be let free.

My other cousins look and whisper,
Like I’ve done something unfair.
Their hurtful looks drown me in
An ocean of despair.

There are some things better left untold.
Like how family secrets hurt my heart.
And never stop.

brookem2012 said...

I have a secret
and you can't tell

Until I was ten,
it must have been then,
whenever I would spend
the night away from home
I wouldn't be alone
there would be someone there
not just my teddy bear
but my friends
would always pretend
that they were better than me
because they would see
me start to cry
when I would say goodbye
to my parents
as the left with their brilliance
I would play
and act like I was ok
but I wanted to go back home
I would call my mom on the phone
and ask her to pick me up
my friends would start to gossip
but then one night
I beat my fright
and I spent the whole night
then I was happy

katiez2012 said...

A Sponge,
They are out to get me.
So gross and squishy and full of grunge,
They frighten me to the highest degree.

Who knows what these things absorb,
There’s food, crumbs, and even more.
All I know is that they scare me
And having to use them is one heck of a chore.

That Nickelodeon show is no help either
Spongebob Squarepants has caused me many more than 1 nightmare.
Whenever I see him I have to stop and take a breather.
When it comes to fear, nothing can even compare.

Someday I hope to over come my fear,
Be able to clean and wipe up with cheer.

jordang2012 said...

El Secreto- The epic Jane Austin trilogy.

Ever since I was a young child,
There was always something that drove me wild,
There are few that she will ever enlighten,
She was the very famous Jane Austin.

After reading her book Pride and Prejudice,
I then decided to be her loyal apprentice,
An interesting book, I must say for sure,
Although it seemed at times obscure.

Persuasion and Sandition were good, too,
Although I didn't agree with their literary reviews.
Big words she uses, I must admit,
So I look them up online, lickity split.

She was an extremely successful woman,
Writing better than Harry S. Truman,
She is what I inspire to be,
At least to an adequate degree.

samis2012 said...

I must escape the monsters that surround me on the street.
The cars are everywhere, lining the sidewalk, dominating the road.
The evil monsters control our lives.
Everywhere I look cars and more cars.
They’re going to eat me, I know it.
With their huge metal mouths and mean yellow eyes,
They haunt my every step.
Yet everyone else welcomes the beings,
Welcomes them with open arms.
I run from the beasts, but cannot escape.
Left, right, left, right
I dash into my mother’s arms.
Safe at last,
Protected by my her embrace
“Hush” she whispers.
“There is no need to fear, for I am here”

leahf2012 said...

I supposedly have a secret
However, you may misinterpret
My secret as nothing more than a fact.

I don’t know why I thought my secret was
A secret
But I would never regret
Telling my story
About that one sunny day in June
And that irresistible balloon.

It was floating in a tree
A bourgeoisie
Of the clouds and the ground.
To me, it made a plea
My six year old mind unable
To oppose its temptation.

So, up the tree trunk
I embarked
Between the branches
And through the leaves
To save the precious balloon.

A hesitation I made
And to heaven I prayed
Please keep my from tumbling
Twenty feet to the ground
But the heavens failed my request
And to the ground I fell
The tree still standing
Bidding me farewell

The ground was harder
Than I anticipated
My head hit first
And from there I cannot
But I’m guessing the worst.

I awoke in white room
Hostile and plain
Machines beeping
And insufferable food
I was full of dread
With 45 staples in my head.

I hadn’t seemed to learn my lesson
For two years later
An orange balloon
This time tantalized
From a treetop.
This time
The damage
Was only 17.

NickM2012 said...

Secret: When I walk home from school I trespass on some person’s property and cut through their yard to get home faster.

The moon is out, the stars are ablaze,
The light coming from them is fear for me,
‘Cause the darkness is keeping me out of your gaze.

Scurrying along, I stop for a peep
Gotta make sure no one hears me creep

With the pack on my back
I keep moving forward,
This is no time to stop for a midnight snack

Scurrying along, I stop for a peep
Gotta make sure no one hears me creep

Swiftly I slither across the grass
The owners here don’t suspect a thing
Until I hit the chimes of glass.

Scurrying along, I stop for a peep
Gotta make sure no one hears me creep

Now it’s fast as I can, I’m off with a dash!
No one can see me for I’m making a trespass
The fire within me will never turn to ash.

Scurrying along, I stop for a peep
Gotta make sure no one hears me creep

Safe home at last!
The little shortcut was almost my last.
“School was fine” I say to my mom,
As she wonders why I huff and puff.
No one will know how I get home,
Except for maybe that little garden gnome.

PaulAB2012 said...
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lsadler2012 said...

I am not shamed, I know where I stand
You may laugh and you may scoff,
But I scream, and I belt,
“The Hills are Alive…”
I am not eccentric, or rather a bit strange
But I see and I know the birds
Twitter along with me in this melody unchanged
I am not Maria Von Trapp, nor Friedrich himself
You may challenge that the Sound of Music is not for the faint of heart,
But I know …” I sing a song that has been sung for a thousand years”
My heart will be filled with the sound of music and I’ll sing once more…
So take your condemnation, your blithe and cynical thoughts
Take to them to the Hills Take them to the church
Take them all the way to Austria for all I care
I am not shamed, I know where I stand

bens2012 said...

Snap! Crackle! Pop!
Those are the sounds of the bones and fireworks popping on that fateful day

No longer is that kid named Clay.
That day I scored some fireworks from that guy who works at Taco Bell

And Clay’s parents had to say farewell.

I went to Elitches with my new stash of explosives packed in my bag
Man that day was so whack.

I ran right over to the Tower of Doom;

Little did I know that it would literally spell D-O-O-M!

Suddenly the lighter sparked
I felt the heat and I suddenly barked.

It struck the firework’s wick
he Madcat screamed out of my bag and nailed that kid like a brick.

Clay plummeted down the scary tower

Just a few days later I was at his grave with a flower.

My secret has never come out of the day I killed Clay

I will never, ever forget that day.

jonathanp2012 said...

The secret- I was born on an airplane over Cuba so I have dual citizenship to the U.S. and Cuba.

There once was a person
Who saw her first glimpse
Of the world
On an airplane that soared
Across the country of Cuba

The parents were very happy
That she was born on an airplane.
The person got a dual citizenship
To both U.S. and Cuba.

Everyone remembered that day
On the plane
When the person was born in the lane
Of an airplane.

kaelib2012 said...

Secret: When I was little I would fake sick in order to receive attention

“Mommy, Mommy look at me!
I’m as sick as could possibly be!”

Without worry that she would find out,
I would cry and scream and pout.

I wasn’t really sick you see,
but when Mom believed me I filled with glee

Our house was filled with tons of tension,
and I felt a great lack of attention.

Older sister searching for college,
trying to fill her head with lots of knowledge.

Older brother always in trouble,
made me feel like I was in my own little bubble.

To get the attention I clearly needed,
I finally conceded

To do something I knew was wrong
and pretend to be sick all day long.

ericak2012 said...

I'm a ninja assassin that saved the president's life
there was a big scary man that wanted to kill him with a knife
I will tell you the story
of how i obtained so much glory
i'm a ninja and one day I was playing double dutch
i saw George Bush and I love him sooo much
I sprinted across the white house lawn
so fast it caused me to yawn
a crowd had gathered and they were all gawking
the apperance of the silly president certainly had people talking
the resemblence to a monkey was simply shocking
but no matter what they say
I fell in love when I saw George Bush today
But I'm getting ahead of myself
that part of the story will be put on the shelf
but I will come back to it later
right now I will tell you about being a ninja and how i wrestled that gator
I am a ninja, it's impressive i know,
but i had to shave off my afro
I used to be a big deal at the disco
and used to live in San Fransisco
but now I live high on a mountain top
don't make fun, but I'm the one who has to mop
that's right, i'm not really a ninja, i just like to pretend
but it all came out good in the end
because I saved the president
because now I am an american resident
no longer a janitor
but instead a George Bush lover
me and him, we go way back
we used to be referred to George and Jack
I don't think he remembers
but we have been in the same disco competition for many decembers
then he decided to try and become president and he left me
but in comparison to him, i'm probably just a little flee
but that one day I was playing double dutch
when I saw that man with the swiss army knife in his clutch
and the president walked out the white house
him and his spouse
the knife was about to plunge
when i took a powerful lunge
to try and safe his life
from getting killed and stabbed by a knife
that's the story of how I am a ninja that saved the president from assassination
even though i did that he didn't reduce my taxation!
But now you know my big huge secret
that day I'm starting to regret
I no longer love Bush
I really really want to kick his tush

Megg2012 said...

Secret: "I slept with my parents after I watched the movies The Grudge and The Strangers. My friends told me it was all true. I felt so scared and alone."

In the dark of the night,
The moon bright as the sunlight
I shiver.

The Grudge and The Stranger
I feel in so much danger
I cry

The lies my friends told
Made me feel less than bold
I shake

Are they really real?
Or is it just how I feel
I shutter

I see the dark path
And feel a dark sense of wrath
I whimper

Now safe in bed with my Ma
I cuddle up next to my Pa
I breathe heavily

The movies so vein
Cause me so much pain
Memories that will never leave my brain.
I regret.

AustinW2012 said...

The Secret: I organize all of my colored pencils in the order of the rainbow.
The apple
On the teacher’s desk
The pencil
With which I take my test
The poster
Hanging from the wall
The leaves
All seasons except fall
The chairs
In which I take a seat
The backpack
Which I keep so neat
The mountains
Made up of many rocks
All colors of the rainbow
Assorted in my pencil box

AllisonM2012 said...

Bittersweet Taste of Day

I wait outside my humble abode
As the sun begins to drop
Its rays begin to fade
And the light…dies, dies, dies away
And a blanket of darkness
Has begun to tuck itself tightly around the quaint little town.

A bitter taste begins to caress my mouth
As my lemon drop turns sour.
The secret cannot be withheld me for I have a fear
I am afraid of the dark.

It covers and hides all that is known to the senses
So as I wait outside with mouth turned sour
I wait for the coming of the sun again
So that it will rise, rise, rise
And make my world safe again.

Day is bittersweet.
When ever comes, it will go
And leave me again in the darkest of hours.

bridgetL said...

I was hatched of an egg
Deep in the mud of a river
Left alone with no father, brother, or mother
The water ran fast in every direction
And I flinched at the sight of a bright and strange reflection
I wiggled my tail and started to move
I wiggled it more and started to groove
I swam towards the light
And leaped out, into the bright
I twirled and swirled
In this brilliant new world

Then I saw it
It shone in the light
A hook with a worm that I just had to bite
I was hooked tight
And given quite a fright
The string pulled tighter
And I was yanked out of the water
I gasped for breath
And prepared for my death
When I realized my scales had been shed
I’d grown legs and a head
I gasped for breath again, and this time it came
I was a little girl, and Ariel was my name
On the shore stood a boy with fishing pole in hand
And a grin on his face that really was grand
Behind him stood a man and a woman, stunned like no other
At last I had found my father brother and mother

Laurao said...

It’s permanent, it’s permanent
But I don’t want to show it.
Sometimes I feel ashamed
But I am the one to blame.
It hurt more than anything
And now it is another being.
Glaring at me on my shoulder,
Hope I like it when I’m older.
I hope you know it’s just a heart,
Maybe I wasn’t so smart.
Afraid it might one day be seen
I’ve had it since I was fourteen.
It will never make its debut
I have an unseen tattoo.

PaulAB2012 said...
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PaulAB2012 said...

Secret: My dad was great at hustling pool and he is teaching me how to hustle really well.

The Hustlers Club
By Paul Albani-Burgio

A long time ago before my birth
My dad may have been the greatest pool hustler on Earth
Though he was very young and still in college
He possessed a very special knowledge
Of how to hit the ball into the hole
Yes he was like Beckham scoring a goal
He hustled people night and day
He made a lot of money this way
He would go into a dimly lit bar
Drive up in his big fancy car
Challenge a drunkard and ask him to play
And then the drunkard would be forced to pay
He never ever lost a game
Indeed he was nearly impossible to tame
In the pool hall with his stick
He would tell his victims to go ahead and pick
Which table to play on and who goes first
And then his opponent would always play the worst
He would pretend he was bad but then play well
It always worked for his acting skills were quite swell
He would swindle dollars left and right
Walk out with hundreds of dollars at the end of the night
He’s never lost a wager on a game of pool
And now he is teaching me, it is like we have our own private school
Soon I’ll be great just like my dad
I’ll be one of the best pool players this town’s ever had
I’ll win and win and become rich
People will think I have the magic of a wizard or witch
As I pocket ball after ball they will look like a fool
They all will secretly think I am really cool
I am definitely going to be great at hustling
Ill beat every player in this city, so big and bustling
And then I will say I learned from the best
Before going off to put some more money in my chest
My dad is great but I’ll be better
Someday I’ll even hustle him for his prized championship sweater

kelseyc2012 said...

The secrete I got was- "When I was little I got this ladybug that sings 'you are my sunshise' and sometimes when I am having a bad day I play it"

The vast forests of anguish play at the fringe of my emotion,
taunting and molesting my soul.
tides wither the planes of my face,
sustain me through this endless storm.
Mend my eroding heart with joy,
the bleeding may cease, despair disease.
the break of the clouds, the dew of the dawn,
preserve me, save me,
through your song revive me.
As toil wrought endless pain,
it kneads at my mind, numbing the soul.
Gone is dawn yet darker still is the dawn lost tomorrow.
You are my dawn, my rock, my anchor.
Hold me fast, sifting away
I stay.

Anonymous said...

Walking down the street,
I heard a faint cry,
"Oh! I cannot paint!"
And I looked down with a sigh.

Quickly, leaping,
I jumped into the alley.
I threw off my coat,

Super Artist!

I put on my mask,
A lovely opera one, I think.
And flew to the victim,
of paint down the sink.

My cape whirling behind me,
the wind blowing my hair,
I said, "Hey, lady...
don't you despair!"

Punching a button,
on my belt tied round my smock,
I spun out a paintbrush,
and a smile that could mock.

"I'll paint it for you,
whatever you desire!
For I am Super Artist!
And I'm free for hire!"

With a spin of the brush,
I touched that white sheet,
and painted a sheep so real,
you could almost hear it bleat.

"Oh thank you! Oh thank you!"
the desperate woman cried.
"If my boss had seen me,
I would have been fried!"

So that is my story,
from me to you,
of the day I saved that woman,
with a paintbrush and colored goo.

stellab2012 said...

Disney Land Disney Land here we come!
For roller coasters and lots of fun!
Bring on some Space Mountain
Those guys who guess my weight
And how about some killer car-stunt action
I couldn’t imagine a better birthday at eight!
The plane will arrive at ten pm, March first
The kids so excited we’ll be ready to burst
The next day we’ll jump on mommy and daddy’s bed
At five in the morning screaming
“Wake up wake up you sleepy heads!”
To get ready will take an eternity
To do our hair and brush our teeth
Come on, come on, we’ve got to hurry!
But the anticipation cannot be beat.
We make it to the park and catch some rides
But what’s that in front of me, I cannot decide.
It’s big and scary,
Its mouth won’t move
And it’s tall and hairy
My feet, in place, are now glued.
He’s getting closer!
What do I do?
Should I hide behind a poster?
Oh my! It’s Winnie the Pooh!
But why? But how?
He’s normally so sweet.
My jaw drops. Wow.
He’s got such big feet.
I’m not sure I like this
I don’t like this at all
I’ll hide behind sis
He’s so big. So tall.
Go away! Go away!
Tears stream down my face
I don’t like you, okay?
Don’t make me use mace!
Mommy, daddy, please take me home
I do not like it here
I’d rather be in Rome
Disney Land Disney Land, I’m ready to leave
I cannot stand such a place
For our eyes you deceive

chelseac2012 said...

Though no one may know,
Chris Martin is a hobo,
He has a lot of things he likes to show,
What did you think he meant in 'yellow'?
I hate Coldplay,
They have never had a good day.
Though Smitty doesn’t know,
I don’t like watching their show.
Shh - Don't tell,
I'd like to pass English class.

kristenm2012 said...

Through dense fog
And through dark haze
Out of nowhere
It’s Billy Mays!

Run through the night
The air is so serene
But once again it’s Billy Mays
Yelling, “Oxi Clean!”

Run to your house
And lock your door
Turn on your TV
But wait there’s more!
Call right now, get your ShamWOW!

Go to school you silly fool
But be prepared and always aware
He’s hiding in a store near you

justinp2012 said...

I don’t know why,
And I don’t know how,
But I do know that
I’ve got to do something now.

For as long as I remember,
I had this pain.
When I ran in the fall,
It drove me insane.

I went to the doctor,
Told him my trouble.
They took an x-ray,
And found what caused the grumble.

I had an extra bone,
Sitting in my foot.
The cause of my pain;
We had found the root.

It’s kind of pointless.

annas2012 said...
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annas2012 said...

Secret: I kicked a kid in the face

One day in the savannahs of Africa
I was riding an elephant through the grass
My brother on board with his eyes out past
We spotted a lion, far away
A zebra nearby in clear dismay
I got off the elephant, to get a closer view
When suddenly I kicked my brother, his glasses askew
I saw the quick movement of the zebra run by
The lion jumped, leaping for the sky
I turned my head so not to see
The horrible seen in front of me
The elephant reached down for my brother
Strong trunk extending for his collar
As we walked out of the savannah I looked back
To see the great lion leaving the zebra intact
I smiled to myself, wondering how this world was such a funny place
How animals could beat the human race
In the important game we call life,
We may get kicked in the face
But only do we get back up when a hand is raised

kailynw2012 said...

Secret: I am deathly afraid of polka dots, because when I was three I almost suffocated from a polka dotted pillow


Once upon a time in a far away land there were three bears

It is hard to remember events that happened long ago

This one I can’t forget and never will, though
I was three years old
Goldilocks was far gone and the soup was now cold

Once upon a time Captain Hook was feared by all except one

People are afraid of clowns, and bees
These are all normal fears, nothing to tease
I fear something different,  but for good reason
This fear is not during any one season
Peter Pan flew in the air
Dots are my fear anytime, anywhere

Once upon a time there was a mermaid born of the sea

But not just any dots, If I may so say
It is polka dots in particular that cause me to run away

But it was being on the land that Ariel dreamed

Once upon a time there was a bear named pooh

Stripes cause no problem, I love plaid
Only with those pocky dots do I truly go crazy, mad
Pooh bear loved honey and “stuck” true to this fact
He is true to himself, true in every act

Once upon a time there was a king of the savanna
Don’t laugh
on my behalf
This is the truth
Since my youth
I am deathly afraid of polka dots
And deathly is the right word...
The death of Mufasa was quite a surprise
Who will be the next lion king and to the throne rise?

Once upon a time there was an elephant who had ears

I almost suffocated when I was three
By a polka dotted pillow, no one heard my plea
for help
I survived, you might have guessed
But not without a scaring fear
A fear of those little spheres
Dumbo always knew right when to cheer

Once upon a time there was a wooden puppet whose nose grew long

Pinocchio told lies, it is true
But we take not after that little boy
This tale and all in it are accurate, from ANYONES view
For one must remember Pinocchio was only a toy

Once upon a time there was a small child

almost killed by a pillow and suffering thereafter
I ask you not to cry
For I know you were close
just not to laugh when judging my woes

Once upon a time there was a young deer
for his mother an end was near

There once was an end
One like I am at now
Before I leave remember the lessons that I intend
To do this look at the stories of our past

Personal and universal, the morals can not be surpassed

The End

kailynw2012 said...
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treyb2012 said...

Secret: I’m distantly related to a Nazi Leader

Once I was sitin in school
Like every other day
When my teacher said
We’re learning about Nazis and their evil way

I didn’t know how that would go
The secret that I didn’t know
So teacher set off about bombers and things
And fleets of ships with subs in tow

And I was like ok this isn’t that bad
Their just some people with a big army
But now teacher explained they were evil
And explained how at Stalingrad the weather was balmy

Yet it didn’t see like they were that evil yet
Until we got to the horror part
About the camps were people were killed for their beliefs,
And had worse conditions than the town Wal-Mart

An then I had a weird feeling in my gut
Because the book said a name in size twelve font
It proclaimed Adrolnd Szkolfskii
With his face looking gaunt

No it couldn’t be, but I’m a Szkolfskii too
I couldn’t be related to that terrible man
The one who is evil in the history books
He even looks… well not quite as tan

So I rejected the thought and I read on
He was an evil man, he was bad
I couldn’t possibly be related to him
I am so peaceful and he was so mad

But the longer I read the clearer it became
That was my great uncle with his little chin groove
So I read a bit longer and finally I found
He was not even my uncle, he was five times removed

At the end of the lesson I felt so relived
I didn’t have to feel bad for an uncle who did such terrible deeds
So I can go home and feel super good
And eat a hot delicious molasses crinkle

Zivenc2012 said...

Secret: “I am a superhero who protects the world from evil.”

Flying through the streets

of crying innocents taking defeats

and criminals defying law

Full of awe I arrive to save lives

I dive in to begin and defend

It all ends with criminals condemned

katieh2012 said...

Secret: I'm afraid of roller coasters

Now that I’m here,
I see that its easy to just face my fears.
Its going to be hard; I may shed some tears.
But I have to suck it up. Everybody close your ears-
Profanity and screams for sure you will hear.
I’m going to ride that damn roller coaster.

Now that I’m here,
I wish I could jump.
At the top of these stairs, I’m now stuck.
It could have been the easy way out.
But I am not a quitter, I will not give in.
I’m going to conquer that damn roller coaster

Now that I’m here,
I realize I might be ok.
Harnesses and bars and breaks and cars.
They had my back, I’ll make it out safely.
Silly little people. Why can’t they see
That damn roller coaster is out to get me.

Now that I’m here,
This is just too much.
This little adventure may just be
The very end of me.
Why can’t I just toughen up?
That damn roller coaster is scaring the life out of me.

Now that I’m here,
I’ve reached the front of the line.
Now or never, this is the time.
When the kid behind me starts to whine,
The attendant looks at me, points to a sign:
“Ride the roller coaster or get out of line!”

Now that I’m here,
I take a deep breath.
Step off the platform, leave my life behind.
Two or three minutes, nothing more.
Its more than enough for me to take
But now I’m riding that damn roller coaster!

Now that its over,
Silly me
That wasn’t so bad.
It was all just hype.
It didn’t even take my life
I beat that damn roller coaster!

Now that I’m stronger,
I took down that monster.
I’m such a beast.
I totally kept up
with all those kiddies!
Lucky me, because don’t you see…
Its time to challenge the big daddy!
Now leaving KiddieLand…

nickb2012 said...

Sitting in my bed,
Eyes darting to and fro,
I keep thinking it’s in my head,
But the wall with my animals,
keeps jumping out at me,
I shouldn’t have watched that movie,
I should have stayed in the tree,
The alien freaked me out,
With all the little folds of skin,
I just want to shout

I’m lying here under the covers,
Trying to get to sleep,
But over my head he hovers,
With the finger that glows,
Without the phone to call home
That alien freaked me out,
With all the scientists trying to catch him,
I just need to shout

kinseym2012 said...


I didn't know how to read until I was in second grade.


I have a secret in my mind
And I don't want it to escape
I want to keep it locked away
Cause it will make peoples mouths fall agape

It is a shocking little secret
But i fear I must tell
It is driving me crazy to have
it locked in a little cell

So out it comes, this secret of mine
Shocking it may be
I'm going to scream it to the world
and hope the listen to me

I learned to read later than most
I started in 2nd grade
I was inside learning
While the other kids played

I started with a sentence
And struggled with it still
The letters just strung together
I was having difficulty with this skill

But now I know how to read
It comes easy to me now
I read above my grade level
and no one has a cow

bradyp2012 said...

Someone once asked why I like Basketball so much when I don’t even know the rules?

I answered with this:

I love the players,

With their big bulging biceps.

You know, those things they call their guns.

And their tall ripped bodies.

And their buzz cuts, their buzz cuts everywhere.

The way they jump oh so high!

And when they lift up their shirts to wipe the sweat off their big foreheads

And their six packs are revealed

My eyes pop right out of my head as if the six packs have magnets attached to them.

The best part of these awesome basketball players is their dark skin.

It comes in all kinds of shades and it drives me crazy.

That is why I like basketball.

alexandriab2012 said...

Secrets don’t make friends
However, secrets do make enemies
If you put the bad guys in the slammer,
They’ll have a fun time hang out with all their buddies,
Plotting their revenge.
Do you really think they will want to be friends?
Especially since I put them there,
Literally kicking and screaming.

“Have no fear, batman is here,” Okay I’m not Batman…
‘Cause I’m better, bet that batman.
Na-na-na Superhero.
Plus, the whole cape/mask +bat horn thingy,
Was so last year,
Get up to date on your super heroes.

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Superman,” I’m not the either,
The spandex though is a nice touch, very modern and very hip,
But once again… I’m better!

“It’s the Fantastic 4,” Unlike them I don’t need a sidekick or couple of them,
I can’t turn invisible or have extreme heat at the snap of the finger,
Because my tricks are cooler…I’m better!

Citzens young and old have no worries,
No longer will dark allies or do dark nights scare you,
‘Cause I’m here.
What do all these superheroes and I have in common?
Other than being super heroes that save the world constantly,
We all have secret identities,
You mustn’t tell a soul,
Were just like anyone else,
However, we have super power and you don’t,
No need to be mad,
You get a normal life and we get saving the world and have cool powers,
It’s a fair trade off.
But if you tell, you’re on your own.
So, keep it on the down low.

SydneyR2012 said...

My first grade teacher was such a beauty
And the perfume she would wear was always sweet and fruity
Something about her that I couldn’t quite explain
But my affection for her I wasn’t able to feign

So witty and fun
She shown like the sun
Her hair a honey blonde
I grew very fond

But I had to keep my secret secure
For if the other kids knew it they would tease me for sure
So I kept my ardor to myself
And put my feelings up on a dusty shelf

Then one day I found out
What my teacher was all about
She was the Disneyland Cinderella
And as it turns out, she already had a fella

sammiet2012 said...

To the toon of The New Girl in Town
To here the song clik on the link.

I have a crush on the new guy in town

The new guy in town is a hottie
Oh ya!
The new guy in town lives right next to me
Uh hu!
The new guy in town goes to my school too

My best friend asked the new guy to the dance
Oh ya?
My best friend asked the new guy out
Uh hu?
My best friend asked the new guy in town to be her boy friend

I wish I was dating the new guy in town
Oh ya.
I wish I was more than a friend to him
Uh hu
I wish the new guy in town liked me instead

austin d 2012 said...

Childhood; My dads brother?

My dad married my mom,
And my Dad had a Brother Named Tom.
My mom and Tom used to really- get along.

Tom used to were skirts, I didn’t know why,
But Tom also used to be friends with a weird guy.

Fairly perturbing, looking back I won’t lie,
But when I was young I thought my childhood was no different from any small fry.

Now that I’m old at the age of 11,
I hear stories that my childhood wasn’t a heaven.

Because, before I was born,
My mom and Tom used to get along.

They used to get along so well,
That they started to chill,
And as I hear, 11 years, 9 months ago,
That my mother became quite ill.
Not with a cold or the flu,
Not with some disease or infection,
But a child of the male selection.

carolynf2012 said...

When I'm home alone I sing songs; sad songs, rock songs, pretty songs. I wonder what the neighbors think.

I have a little secret which I don’t like to share.
I sing loudly in my house, when no one else is there!

When nobody is watching I pull out my hairbrush,
I sing to this microphone and it gives me such a rush!

I’m at home all alone; I slip on my leather pants,
I stand upon the counter, and I begin to dance!

My song echoes in the kitchen, and down into the floor,
Then across into the bedrooms, and out of the front door!

I rock out Billy Idol and sometimes the Rolling Stones,
But on another occasion sad songs seem to fit the mode.

Celine Dion comforts me, in my darkest day,
The Beatles sing my very thoughts when I’ve noting left to say.

I sing sweet ballads to the dishes, and rock songs unto my wall,
The phone starts to make noises; I hear its ringing call!

Before I even know it, someone’s at the front door!
I slip off my leather pants and throw them on the floor.

I open up the door, and my neighbor stood right there,
I slowly stopped my singing, and she slowly started to stare.

She told me to my stop my singing, I told her, “No. Not fair.”
She told me, it’s loud and obnoxious but I said I didn’t seem to care.

The neighbors think I’m loud, but I just like music,
I don’t care what they think; songs just give me a kick!

PeterH2012 said...

It was a big secret
but I just couldn’t keep it!
My mother is Marilyn Monroe
I bet you didn’t know!
My father is gone
I don’t know whats wrong
but my mother she just wouldn’t tell me.

Then one day she told me
What I thought would bore me
but turned out to be quite the story

Your father could sing
She said with a smile
Your Father In fact was the king!

TaylorG2012 said...

I have a small secret
If I tell you, please keep it
It is something that is naturally unknown.

But I have this desire,
This rage and this fire,
To splash on some old man’s cologne.

I don’t like to flaunt it,
And most others will taunt it,
But when I wear it I feel like I’m home.

So you may laugh
And call me a giraffe
But don’t talk to me, I’m on my phone.

TaylorG2012 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
connorm said...

Secret- I am actually adopted and just found out about it.

In the town where I was born,
my current parents were not present,
and my mom gave me away,
because she was 16.

Then I lived a life of deceit,
because I did not know,
I was adopted,
So I lived life the same,

Then one day something clicked,
I took genetics in 9th grade,
I went home and asked my mom,
Then that night at dinner,
I found out I was not their son.

So I searched far and wide,
Looking for my parents who were,
They never showed up,
Until I found my mother,
Who happened to be Angelina Jolie.

Then I lived a life of fame,
Hanging in my mansion,
Looking upon the Sea.

stephaniel2012 said...

When I saw you I was seventeen,
Walking through the grocery store,
I was caught somewhere in between,
Of who I was and who you are.
I found you moved right next to me,
Just barely a week before,
And though it may be insanity,
I fell in love with the boy next door.

I’d sit alone by my window sill,
Letting the time tick by,
Knowing you don’t know me still,
And I might as well not try,
But seven days counting after,
I saw you there once more,
Caught up in a ton of laughter
In the middle of that grocery store.

We’d go to that grocery store,
The same time every day,
Les caches dans l’amour
We had to hide our love away,
My parents consider you dead,
You’re in a broken family,
“You’re love is all in your head”
My parents keep on telling me.

I’ll climb across my lonely sill,
To spend another second with you,
Even against my parents will,
The hidden love is always true,
I’ll climb on down the balcony,
And hop across the fence,
“Hold my hand please trust in me,
Our love is our best defense.”
I’d spend every moment with you,
Il ne peut être que l’amour
I cannot deny that this is true,
I’m in love with the boy next door.

Your parents found out about us two,
And said that it was all my fault,
“It’s all a lie, they say that it’s you,
That my family, my life is falling apart,”
He turned away, without a second word,
Leaving me hanging on a single thread,
The saddest thing I’ve ever heard,
I repeat over and over again in my head.

The next summer came and went,
Without a single word from you,
Your house had gone up for rent,
What happened, I guess I never knew.
No more could I see you at the store,
I couldn’t bear to remember
I wouldn’t wait at night anymore,
I was ready to surrender.

I was waiting to be swept away
By that Romeo that I’ve never seen,
When I met him on the fateful day,
When I was only seventeen,
It was a song that was slowly dying,
And snuffed out in a heartbeat,
I had gone from that time I was flying,
To a broken bird; knowing defeat.

I would see him when my eyes were closed
He’d haunt me in my dreams at night,
And on my desk was reposed,
A picture of us before the fight.
A light tapping on my window’s glass,
And someone calling out to me
Reminiscent of my once-was past,
I rushed to the sill eagerly.

I could see him down below me,
With the pebbles in his hand,
Tossing them to the balcony,
He drew me with his silent command.
I opened the window and climbed outside,
Elation and fear bubbling inside of me,
But these feelings I could no longer hide
J’ai dû dire au revoir dans le journée

J’ai peur de perdre à noveau
It’s harder than I could ever say
To lose a love that you know is true
Which is why I chose to run away
He was the Romeo I always dreamed of
“Hold my hand and let’s disappear,
Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know, love”
In that moment I let go of all my fear.
We ran away that summer, returning nevermore
Il ne peut être que l’amour
With love that started in the grocery store,
I married that boy that lived next door.

carolineb2012 said...

The creeping, the gurgling

The noise, the sun

The water, how it terrifies me!

The impurities! The germs!

I hate it I hate it I hate it

I won’t go in it, ever

I don’t want to go.

I’m going to drown, to get sick, to die.

I hate the pool.

alisonr2012 said...

You say you care
but do you really?
My scares remind me
no one cares
and I am alone
in this world
filled with pain.

I promise to stop
but I never will.
I need the pain
to remind me
of all the times
that no one has been there.

So for now
I'll continue to cry
tears of blood.

alisonr2012 said...

Each week the number
gets smaller
and smaller.

My hands connect
behind my back
in a handshake.

My hunger
to be thin
consumes me
while i consume nothing.

jays2012 said...


I knew a friend, I loved him much,
Secrets told about his cuts,
his arms they bled, i couldn't believe
lies are horrible, lies are a disease
but he said, "these are no lies, you must understand."
when he spoke, he spoke with a knife in one hand.

I couldn't just leave him
He had no place to go
but those lies, those filthy lies
I wouldn't let them go

Could this be true, all the things he has told?
I would never believe him, not in my life.
my thoughts were untold, till the day I saw the knife.