Friday, February 27, 2009

Seduction poem/ Persuasive poem

This is a poem where you are trying to convince somebody of something they don’t want to be convinced of. The poem is an argument, an attempt to persuade. Think about all the situations where you are trying to convince somebody of something: getting out of a ticket, getting mom or dad to not ground you for breaking curfew, getting a date with your dream girl/boy, getting mom or dad to give you more money, getting a teacher to let you turn in late work.


Maxe2012 said...

I will not write this poem
I simply won't
I won't
There is nothing i need to convice you of
There is nothing I want you to do
So, you shouldn't make me write this useless waste of time
I refuse to seduce you
I will not force you to do something
Everything is fine with me
So, I will not waste my time writing a persuasive poem
There is nothing I want you to do
So just let me be
Because I refuse to waist my time

jonathanp2012 said...

Why won't you give me more money
I can't do anything, its so sunny.
I will do whatever it takes:
Dust, take out the trash,and rake.

I would never forget your good deed;
And trust me, I will have no greed.
Just give me a little money,
You both got new jobs that pay Well.
So don't make my life a living Hell.

If you don't do what I want,
I will beat you with a croissant.
You will regret it if you don't,
So raise my allowance now.

kristenm2012 said...

It’s something so similar to school
Even when I get home I feel like a fool
For this work reminiscent of the day
Stops me from going out to play
It’s homework you see, so creatively named
And it’s to the student that this work is aimed
They send this stuff home so you can work
Because those 6 hours during the day are a perk
But this homework has tricks, and these tricks you see
Are pointedly aimed at you and me
Some fancy words such as procrastination
They try to block you from your destination
And it’s for this simple reason that homework should cease
It’s simply because it disturbs our student peace
So I'm asking, no I'm telling you
So listen here and I’ll say what to do
This homework ain’t good, this school work ain’t right
This work simply shouldn't be done at night
So save all this hurt and save all the pain
Save the homework for a school day filled with rain.

Megg2012 said...

Oh Mom
Be nice to me
Just this once
It means a lot, you see.

I promise to use my manners,
Not stay up late,
eat healthy food,
and not gain weight

Watch good movies
Be nice and calm,
Be quiet and peaceful,
Let me go, mom!

Everyone will be there
I don't want to be the only one
to miss the sleepover
and miss the fun.

So let me go,
I promise I'll repay you
Hey did I mention
you look great in blue?

Your hair looks nice!
I like your shoes!
If you are not persuaded by this,
I guess I lose

But please let me go...
What else can I say
If you don't let me go
I will be crying all day.

carolynf2012 said...

I have a great idea!
"What is it" you say?
We should throw a party!
Aw, why do you say "no way!"?

I think we should have a party,
it would be a lot of fun!
I promise I'd clean up.
Oh why not you son of a gun?

No wait, I didn't mean that!
You're the best dad in the world.
I'm so sorry- I'm awful.
I'm so glad to be your baby girl.
You're great, you're smart and funny,
I'm small and weak, so can we have this party?

I know that you're always working,
which is why i planned it all.
If you keep an open mind
I swear you'll have a ball!
Would you please just consider it?
It would make me oh so glad.
And if you do decide 'yes',
That would make you the greatest dad!

ashleys2012 said...
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ashleys2012 said...

Now listen very closely to what I am about to say

For today is the day that things will go my way

First I am 14 years of age

But I still feel like I am being
trapped in a cage

Because of my early curfew

Due to the fact my curfew is
assigned to be at 9 o’clock

And after that you might as well surround my door with a lock

Because while everyone else is having fun

I am in my room and I am done

I am responsible

I am able to handle a later curfew

If I will be assigned a new

I will be forever grateful to you

ericak2012 said...

James Bond, would you like to get married, we could be spy husband and wife,
let's just hope at our wedding no one tries to kill us with a knife.

I know this may be hard for you, giving up every other girl,
I'll give you a secret message that you can unfurl.

You have been in 22 different movies, played by many actors,
but it's the character I love, I have taken in all these factors:

The fact that you will be away a lot,
or the fact that any moment you could be caught.

I figure this won't be so bad, you're basically a superhero,
on a scale of one to ten you are definitely not a zero!

It used to be between you and Matt Holliday,
but then he got traded off the Rockies and went away.

You're basically bulletproof,
don't pay attention to any of those spoofs.

I am concerned about one thing, I want to make sure M is okay with me before I get you a wedding ring.

James Bond, will you marry me?
If you do, it is happy we will be.

robertc2012 said...

I really don't want anything
Because I do have everything
That I need
To succeed
And I do not need anything

A lot of us want computers
And cars 'cause we're commuters
The ads say
That today
You should buy some new scooters!

But I really am fine
And I'm not one to whine
So I don't
Want a boat
At least, not at this time...

So that is my persuasion
I don't need complication
In my day.
Yes, I say
I don't want information.

brookem2012 said...

Don't tell me that it's impossible
Because you know that that's not true
Don't tell me that you don't want to
Because deep down you know you do
You say that you can't do it
But I think that you can
I know that you can
You just need to learn that you can
But you'll never learn it
Unless you do it
But you won't do it
Because you don't think that you can
But you're just afraid
You think that you'll fail
So why even try?
Why waste your time?
Why not?

mariep2012 said...

Look at that precious, darling face
He needs someone who’ll adore
His cute and innocent puppy ways
I do not ask for anything more!!!

He sits alone in a cage all night
Wanting nothing more than care
This puppy needs us, Mother
This treatment is just unfair!

I’ll wash and feed and walk him, Mother
I’ll make sure he’ll behave
I promise all these things and more, Mother
I swear upon my grave!

Look at those precious, darling eyes
He’ll love you from the start
And if you say you do not care
You can’t possibly have a heart!

Please, Mother, what do you say?
Can you find some place within,
To love this lonely, little pup
Just like he was your kin?

bridgetL said...

Can you please give me a ride
Back to the home where we reside
I know you have sixth off
But I think that you should wait

You see, even though you pay for gas
I believe I paid for our parking pass

You leave early every day
Just this one time, please stay

You could hang out with your friends
Until sixth hour ends

I would really love it
It would mean quite a bit

And after school I may even buy you a diet coke
From McDonalds of course

Bayley said...

My Dearest Librarian-
You see

I am a loyal patron of this library
And as one I adore the books.
They take me on my wild adventures
Through worlds still unknown
I would like to continue to take these trips
Through many. many books
I never return my books torn or tattered.
I keep them in good shape
I am sure to give them lots of love
And never doggy ear.

So please, for me
Wave these fees.

AllisonM2012 said...

Today is the day
To walk, to stalk
My hopes and my dreams.

To pursue them upon the streets
Of which I have grown.
You taught me how to walk and to be independent.

You’ve shown me how to care
And coexist with others.
But I must, oh I must be let free
To flap and fly with my newly gained my wings
That of course to you I owe a large thank you
Teaching me how to grow and flourish.
I know want to spread them wide and make you proud
And let you know that it is you who have created
Such a great and responsible creature.

So mother please let me show this time
Once and for all
That I am responsible and I can be alone at home
while you and dad are gone on your vacation.

treyb2012 said...

Go Ahead, Log Illegally

I know you’re scared
I know the forest is dark
I know it’s a protected wilderness park

With a little preparation
I know your go far
Just gather some food and find your old BAR

Just don’t watch the news
Don’t believe the neighbors
What you hear in the forest is not tiger roars.

I know that recently
It’s been a little bit rough
A tiger killing people and stuff

Think about it this way
Get an axe and forget your fear
One trees worth more money than you earn in a year

So bring a tent and some camping gear
A lantern in fact so you can see in the dark
So you can cut down a tree and ripe off the bark

You say you might kill things
Well here’s the real answer
No one cares about monkeys and plants that cure cancer

You say it’s illegal
Well that’s bogus I say
As long as the cops get a nice secret pay

SydneyR2012 said...

Wouldn’t it be glorious
To jump off that platform and be victorious?
To feel the thrill as you rush through the cool air
Without the slightest bit of care?
With the strong, stretchy bungee strapped to your feet
To tell someone you did it would be so sweet
Aren’t you brave? Where’s your nerve?
This one jump will give you the respect you deserve
So let all your worries go
And exclaim “whoa!”
As you bungee jump towards the earth below
The fear of heights shall never again be your foe
I promise you this: you won’t regret
And you’ll want to go again, I bet
The adrenaline rush is the most amazing feeling
It sets your whole mind reeling
So count to three and let yourself fall
It really is a blast, I promise y’all!

AustinW2012 said...

It's just a few short minutes
A small portion of your day
Just let me take my test
And I can drive away
Just a few short moments
And I'll be on my way
All I want is my permit
I pray you will submit
I've waited too long to be turned away
Just because my birthday falls on a Sunday
If I cannot get it then
My permit is delayed
But I am most afraid
That also will my liscence
fall on a later day
Just a few short minutes
A small part of your day
Help me out a little
And open on Sunday
I will do the paperwork
Pass the test quite quickly
And then before you know I'm here
I'll be on my way.

stellab2012 said...

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
you’ve asked me
many a new moon
what races through my mind, dear Johnny

and Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
for once
I will not deceive your thoughts
Or mine, dear Johnny.

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
My mind races with the thought
Of the paper on the coffee table
That white paper in front of you, dear Johnny

and Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
That paper haunts me
With its smooth edges
And lasting effect, dear Johnny.

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
My mind races with the bag,
The bag next to the paper
Full of greed and wings, dear Johnny

And Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
That bag destroys you and me
With its colors and scent
in and out of the paper, dear Johnny.

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
My mind races with the image
Of your lazy red eyes,
Your shoulders hung low, dear Johnny.

And Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
how I wish your eyes would shine green again,
I wish your shoulders held tall,
I wish that chair did not consume you all the day through, dear Johnny.

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
My mind races with my tears
with my tears and fears
My tears and fears for you, dear Johnny

And Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
My tears and fears are yours
Because I cannot lose you
I will not stand for that, dear Johnny

And Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
My tears and fears are for your happiness
Because even if you do not believe,
Your time will come, dear Johnny

And Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
If only you saw what that paper did to you,
Dear Johnny
If only you saw what your eyes did to mine,
Dear Johnny
If only you saw what your shoulders did to mommy
Dear Johnny
If only you saw daddy’s disappointment in the bag
Dear Johnny

Then, Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
Would you stop?
Would you put that paper away, dear Johnny?
Would you sit straight?
Would you brighten your eyes, dear Johnny?
Would you let me flush the bag?
Would you try to believe, dear Johnny?

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
We miss you
Since that cloud you ride every day
Took you from us, dear Johnny

And Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
We want you back
From that cloud, way up high
Because we love you, dear Johnny

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
Please make the rest of your journey
On your own,
Clean, dear Johnny

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
I believe in you.
And Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny
My mind races with your cloud
And I need you back, dear Johnny.

Johnny, Johnny, oh dear Johnny.

katiez2012 said...

I need some money.
Can’t you see that outside it’s starting to get sunny?
It’s almost summer so now I can go places,
And I know you have some extra cash figuring you didn’t have to pay for my braces.

I can’t make my own, I can’t get a job.
And if you give me some I promise I will stop being a slob.

You know I love you, Mom and Dad
If I have no fun I will be so mad

So give me some cash.
What do you have to lose?
This is an offer that you cannot refuse.

Laurao said...

I’ve never wanted anything more

In my whole entire life

Labrador Puppies

They will keep Leap dog company.

One black,

And one yellow.

We will name them

Yankee and Rebel.

We have enough room

I’m responsible and caring

Oh come on Mom and Dad

Could you guys be a little more daring?

It’s not that hard, three dogs, not at all.

We back up to a park,

They will have such a ball.

Cute and kind,

And dad, you need another hunter,

Maybe this time, it won’t be your mother.

Their little paws and brown noses.

I’ve never wanted anything more.

Please Mom and Dad, just two, or maybe four?

chelseac2012 said...

My friend, I don't know what to say,
But I will try to stop you either way.

I don't like what you are doing, my friend,
Even if you don't believe,
I will fight for you 'till the end,
Don't you dare leave.

My friend, I will care for you forever,
I will try my hardest to lift your spirits.
I will not let you go through with this - never,
Please don't call it quits.

Anonymous said...

Oh please
Oh please
Let me out of this jar!
I haven't done nothing bad, so far!

This jar, the walls
are so tight,
and really, the walls
give me a fright!

So please,
oh please!
Let me out of this jar!
And I promise I will not steal your car.

Your eyes,
they are kind,
and loving!
And I find,
that if you were to allow me free,
they would cease to see

Because I know my presence
you despise,
oh glorious one,
And I've some sense
that if you'd let me free,
from here, I'd flee!

Over the sea,
hopping islands,
like a flea.
Away I'd be!

So please,
Oh please!
Let me out of this jar,
And I swear,
I won't do anything

Brianc2012 said...

I need money just because
I want to spend it anyway I want
I want to use it on everything and anything
I will give you my happiness i recieve
And if that's not enough don't be decieved
I will give you some money just a little, but please
I need money for my very own needs
It will buy me things to make me exceed
But I need it now, not want, but need
I need the moeny anytime now
Please oh please

kailynw2012 said...

All I ask is to

let me be ... me

Don’t judge

I have my own style, my own look, my own feel

It is how I live and how I deal.

So why judge?

You only live one time

So why not live to the prime

Hate is a four letter word

Used towards others, to me, seems absurd

Nothing good comes from this emotion

if only we could live without preconceived notions

of Racism, Resentment, and loathing

Live without hate

and acceptance becoming what you create

Karma comes to those far and near

So to your thoughts and actions be sincere

Don’t Judge

Living without judgement

allows people to be the best they can be

And with that we will live in harmony!

Don’t judge others
Don’t judge me
Don’t judge yourself

and live happy and free

carolineb2012 said...

Let me go, let me go, let me go.
I need to be able to skiing with my friends!
Let me go, let me go, let me go,
Just this one time.

Let me go, let me go, let me go.
I’ll clean my room and feed the dog.
Let me go, let me go, let me go.
I’ll be good forever.

Let me go, let me go, let me go.
I can miss masterdrive.
Let me go, let me go, let me go.
I can miss my piano recital.

Let me go, let me go, let me go.
If you don’t, I’m going to cry.
Let me go, let me go, let me go.
If you do, I’ll make you a deal.

Let me go, let me go, let me go.
I’ll vacuum and not pet the dog.
Let me go, let me go, let me go.
I just want to go!

katieh2012 said...

Oh please, dear daddy
Just do it for me.
I know its not the safest;
They said it could go wrong.
But please, dear daddy,
Just do it for me.

It takes super strength,
You’ll be mighty in my eyes.
For all I want is to have you
There at my side
As I walk in donning white.

Oh please, dear daddy
Its not just for me.
Do it for my brother
and my sweet mommy.
Isn’t it worth it in the end?
To be here with us,
The ones you love?

The doctors are trained
To take a peek inside your brain.
They’ll get rid of all your shakes,
All your problems they will take.

So please, dear daddy
Just be brave.
It’ll be over so soon
But we’ll have you for longer,
You’ll be so much stronger.
Here I will sit;
HEre i will wait,
Knowing that things will turn out great.

Don’t worry, dear daddy.
They’ll take good care of you.

TaylorG2012 said...

I am sorry for what I’ve done
At the time it seemed like so much fun
But now I know what I did was wrong.

It was an honest mistake
Not intending to make you ache
But please don’t let my consequences last long.

Revenge just tasted so sweet
But ended with a commotion on the street
Who knew police man could be so strong.

For one slight moment I lost my grip
And proceeded to trip
And now I’m on the witness stand singing this song.

You know me and know I would never mean to do this
And if you lock me up just think how much of me you’ll miss
You know you need me and that is not where I belong.

I could never live behind bars without you
And you’re gorgeous sparkling eyes of blue
So let’s forget about this and just move along.

leslieh2012 said...

I should have taken that phone booth in to the shop earlier.
But I suppose when you have a time machine,
Time is expendable.
But not if you happen
To be stuck
In some other time
Medieval I think
Or perhaps renaissance?
Or maybe I don’t really care
At the moment.

Apparently my clothes don’t really blend in
In this other time
My hair is a bit futuristic
A bit wild for these folk.
And who knew
Possession of a cell phone
Is such a crime?

Simply asking for directions,
My favorite song
Erupted from my pocket.
“She’s a witch!”
They cried!
“She has many musicians
Shrank, and trapped within her pocket
And then this strange little box”

So here I find myself.
Wondering if I’ll be drowned
Or if I’ll be burned.
I’m just a wayside timetraveller
So I beg of you
To reconsider
Now please, don’t be bitter.
I’ll gladly leave your fare little town
If only I can touch the ground.

justinp2012 said...

Oh dear brother,
How wonderful you are!
I know it may be a bother,
But it's really not far!

It's just taking out the trash,
You can do it, I''m sure!
If you do it, I'll give you some cash,
It's not bribing, it's honest to the core!

Why can you not?
It's not much more.
It's not too hot,
And it's just out the door!

It's not that bad,
My favorite brother!
It'll make Mom sad
Poor, poor mother!

Please, oh please,
Don't make me sad!
I'll give you a piece
Of the cookie I had!

Oh thank you, thank you!
You won't regret it!
The trash smells like a sweaty shoe,
But you'll get used to it!

Thank you, thank you!
For taking out the trash!
Now only one more thing to do,
Can you lend me some cash?

annas2012 said...

Oh please look at his face
His pouting eyes, and his wet nose
He runs to me for a warm embrace
As he slobbers and steps on my toes

Oh please look at his paws
His brown clumsy big feet
Look at the way he stops to pause
Just to stop and kiss me

Oh please look at his tail
The way it nocks over chairs as he walks by
And the adorable expression he fakes as my mom begins to wail
And when she walks away, that cute exasperated sigh

Oh please look at his ears
How soft and large they are
Look at the way he fears
When we leave to go afar

Oh please can he stay
That dog is so cute
He would be without home, distraught, dismayed
Oh please just this once, I will rest my voice, become mute
All I want is this puppy, will you please
Look at his smile, his pearly white beauties
Just grant me this wish
And you will save our anguish…please

jays2012 said...

give me money, i want money,
i need something for my honey,
please please give me something
before she starts the cry and dumping
i can't take this anymore
she just ran right out the door
give me money very fast
i need your help to make this last

KyleL2012 said...

Now what has brought you here?
I find your visit here quite queer
You must leave this page now
Click that x, I don't care how
Leave our blog to be
Leave us alone can't you see?
What did we ever do to you?
Now please leave, I bid you adieu
You have many better things to do.
Than to read my poem's debut
Maybe play some games online
Or do some work, that'd be fine
Just leave this alone, okay?
Read my sign, STAY AWAY!!!

PeterH2012 said...

Ms. Smith, Ms. Smith won't you give us a break?
This homework, This Homework, our time it does take!

Day after day and night after night
We We work and work with all of our might!

My brain it does hurt
In fact it might burst!

And that's just a waste
As our minds turn to paste!

austin d 2012 said...

I dont know what you will say to this, I dont know your response,
But let me tell you of the most important of my wants, and the reasons why.

Hopefully convicing you to buy...

The raquet you didn't get me two weeks ago because the markets dry.

The special coil properies could turned me into quite the baller guy.

The market could have been enriched, Instead of diving into a ditch.
If you bought me that raquet...

I could of been a star, new famcy car's, one for you, a couple for me.

The raquet could of changed destiny and save the economy.

bradyp2012 said...

The concert is on Saturday dad
I know you don’t have anything going on
Plus it is the weekend
So I don’t have school.

I know it is a metal band
But they really aren’t that bad
Just ignore the screaming
Put in some ear plugs.

The audience will not be bad
They just have tattoos and piercings
But they are well behaved
They are just there for the music.

Please dad, I’ll do extra chores
I won’t watch TV all day long
I’ll help with the dishes.
Just please take me.

Come on it will be something new
You always tell me to try new things
So why don’t you?
Won’t you please take me to the concert?

NickM2012 said...

Speedin' down the highway, whatcha gonna do?
Oh no what's that? It's the dreaded wee woo!

How did they find me?
There was no one on the road.
It's time to run,
I'm going into escape mode!

Of course I'm only joking,
I'm going to use my mouth to get out of this!

"Please sir I'm in a hurry,
Make this quick I need to scurry.
It was only five miles
above the limit."

"What do you mean there's nothing you can do?
The law binds me, but what about you?
I saw you coming up behind
from the back of my mind.
You were prob'ly goin at least ten above,
to catch up with my ride!"

"I'm only just sayin,
'cause i don't wanna be payin,
That ticket there in your hand sir."

"So if you'd be so kind,
Can you read my mind,
Only then you'd understand,
why i don't want,
that ticket in your hand-sir."

samis2012 said...

Nothing is impossible
This is something I believe
If you want to live in the ocean
Or sail to far-off Belize

Go exploring the new continents
On the other side of the moon
Or climb that highest mountain
Then fly home to your room.

Become Supreme Commander
Of these United States
Or make a fortune filming
the intertwining of fates

When someone questions why?
I reply why not?
Why can't I surf the sand dunes?
Or write a story with no plot?

Anything is possible
This I'm sure is true
Dreams were made to inspire
But it all begins with you

So join me on my journey
To catch a falling star
Anything is possible
No matter who you are.

BernardoT2012 said...

Give me back my home,
my resting place
my work-less space
my mental getaway.

They have no right
to cross my hold
to force more sheets into my sight

They throw their 'education' at my home
blocking out the sun, leaving me
in disrepair within a dark stone dome.

release me of my school's strong hold
that stretches past the door and bell,
it chokes me in its iron grip.
it destroys my mind, my life, my heart
leaving me in frozen penciled hell.

I plead to the heavens for my right to life
to give me back my time,
to release me of this iron vice
that crushes me within its crime

release me of this written cage
that restricts me to this printed page
I am no beast upon a stage
to perform for the darkened crowd

but a human with a life to live
that does not obey the tolling of a bell,
who is not restricted to his studies
as desired in this penciled hell.

leahf2012 said...

Let me go, mom
You must let go
To the territory
Of earth’s red sun

Let me go, mom
You must let me leave
Where winds kick up dust
And the elephants don’t drink
For miles

Let me go, mom
You must let me depart
To the only land
Where the lion rules
And the skies, the sea, and the land

Why worry
About Malaria
And such
Why fret
About civil wars
And such
I’d be protected
And you cannot shelter
My eyes
From the world
Any longer

Just let me go
Where grass is saved
From scorching
By a soft, sputtering breeze
Just let me go
See beauty, not danger
Let me embark
On a journey to truly
The splendor
Of an earth so vast
So, mom
Please comprehend
You cannot shield my eye
Any longer
Regardless of whether
I’m mature enough,
Old enough,
Or even ready.

Zivenc2012 said...

take the leap

it won't be a mistake you'll just awake

come on Blake your nicknames the snake for gods sake; don't be a fake

partake in this glorious and victorious

deep leap

or else weep

do not adhere to your peer

do not fear the clear choice

oh, just go with the flow already

so take that leap off your plateau

sammiet2012 said...

Mommy can I keep it
I promise I will be responsible
I promise to take care of it
I promise that this will be the last thing I ever ask you for
I promise that I will feed it
I promise that I will give it a bath any time it gets dirty
I promise to pick up after it
I promise that you won’t regret letting me have it
I promise I will watch over it
I promise that I will give it tender love, and care
I promise that it will be in good hands
I promise that this puppy is the nicest one around

“Do you really promise all that?”

Uh Huh
I do
I promise it with all my heart

“Yes you can keep it”

lsadler2012 said...

Can I get your pouty lips to part
Break that hard lined jaw of steel
Crumbling frozen eyes, a start
Ignite in you a joy
Happiness is all I ask you to feel
Laugh because the troubles rise
Carry on the bells
Smile and in its twinkle fireflies

I would stand on my head
Cry, laugh till I fell over dead
Ludricous darling is never to laugh
Worse than making a fool of myself
Worse darling is putting joy on a shelf
I would buy you a comic book
Draw and scribble, laugh till we shook

Can I get you to giggle
Maybe chuckle even in the slightest
I knew if I could could the day would be its brightest
Put those pearly whites to use
Its not everyday your blessed with such a muse

Can I get you to laugh?
God, my kingdom for a snicker

alexandriab2012 said...

Oh please Mom, pleeeease!
I promise I’ll take good care of him,
We could name him Tim,
He’ll be so cute and sweet, the name would just fit,
Can’t you just see it now?
Going on long walks, giving him baths, giving long rubs
Seeing his cute adorable little eyes,
Getting wet slobbery kisses every day, wouldn’t that be wonderful?
It will be love at first sight I promise,
He’ll be really good just wait and see,
You’ll never have to worry about your beloved flower beds,
They’ll be in no great danger- it will become a no digging zone,
On my watch, no flower will be tainted or mangled,
You have my word
Every kid has a puppy in there childhood,
Mine just won’t be complete,
Now that Elizabeth is gone, I need a new friend to meet,
This will be just the thing that I need
Please Mom!!!
I’ve been really good with grades and all of my responsibilities,
I’m really good at taking care of kids; puppy should be no problem,
It is my one desire,
I don’t mind doing extra clean up around the house,
Please Mom, I’m begging you!

alisonr2012 said...

If only you knew
What I went through
To keep you free
From this sea.

Please stay true
To the promise made
To not fade
Farther away
And end up like May.

Stay strong
Because before long
Nothing will be wrong.

PaulAB2012 said...
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PaulAB2012 said...

Calling all Americans we are falling behind
The nations that produce students of a superior mind
Our economy is dying; our job market is in shambles
This problem will only get worse as time endlessly ambles
Once upon a time college was cheap
You could get a quality education without digging into your pockets so deep
However those days are now in the past
Yes, the current price of attending college leaves most people aghast
College now costs twenty, thirty, forty grand
Far beyond the means of most people in our land
Yet going to college is more important then ever
For in this nation you can no longer get by just because you are clever
You now need expertise, skills, and a great deal more knowledge
These are all things you can get only in college
But college is too expensive and many cant afford to go
It is for these reasons many people are not going pro
So their minds and talents are going to waste
This lack of opportunity shows our nations priorities are misplaced
Instead of funding welfare and unemployment our government should pay
For all of our students to eat at the collegiate knowledge buffet
This way all students could become successful and productive
Every student would be a positive for the nation and no student’s effect would be destructive
Not paying for education has its expense
It also really makes no sense
To deal with poverty, high crime and unemployment
When your country could be great
If you paid for everyone's education so they could pull their own weight
Indeed if we want to succeed and maintain our economic power
We need an educated workforce for our country is like a flower
And our students are the seeds that need to be watered, cared for and shown the light
If we do this then our country will become beautiful because our students will be bright
A successful, well-educated workforce is necessary if we are to maintain our spot
Among the world’s strongest nations, something that matters a lot
In fact it is likely that in the long run our government would actually save cash
And the additional tax money a college-educated workforce would generate would add to our country’s stash
Yes the current format of higher education has failed many of our students
Leaving them poor, helpless and unable to pay their rents
They work dead end jobs while the best work is shipped overseas
This is a truly dangerous problem, a national disease
Our country is suffering as a result
Indeed it used to be the pinnacle of business, now the growth of our economy has been ground to a halt
Clearly paying for college is a small expense
Compared to paying for a population that is stagnant and dense
Republicans and democrats we all must agree
Paying every students college tuition is what we need to do or large and dangerous problems we will see
So Congress and President Obama act today
You must fund the higher education of our nations students; clearly we cannot afford to delay

johnc2012 said...

Sorry my internet was down last night, or else I would have put this up sooner

All I'm saying's
What I think is true
So I'm wondering when you
Are Going to hand over the keys?

I know you're an excellent driver
But I'm pretty good too
I'm ready and I've got my shoes
Are you gonna hand over the keys?

I'm sitting yp in the cab
I've got my seatbelt buckled
I know it seems like a big mistake
But are you gonna hand over the keys?

kinseym2012 said...

Don't ground my mom
You can't!
I'm not late I swear!
The clock is simply ahead of itself,
I'm actually early.
You need to get your eyes checked
If you believe that clock.

Even if I am late I've never been late before...
I really am a good kid

You can't ground me
I wont have time to "study" with my friends.
Its why my grades are so good
I can't be grounded

Don't ground my mom
You can't!

kelseyc2012 said...

unborn, unloved,
save it, have it,
even if not for your own.
D not punish this child, for actions undone,
do not murder it,
for something you've done.
Save the innocent being residing within yourself,
If not for you,
do it for someone else.

kaelib2012 said...

Without a sound,
without a peep,

I snuck into my room
to go to sleep.

I knew in the morning
my case I'd plead

It was midnight,
I was to be home at ten.

Mom and Dad,
please hear me out.

I was at her house,
I watched a movie.

No mischief occurred,
Did I mention you look pretty?

Please dont ground me,
I did nothing wrong.

Go to my room?
It was worth a shot

nickb2012 said...

it's really not my fault,you see
even when i drop it so many times, it just can't be

The buttons don't work,
why do you have that awful smirk

the ringer is nonexistent
it is way too silent

the vibrate is not moving
i don't think it's improving

you must give me a new phone,
i wouldm't mind if it was a clone

but the screen is not cracked
and the sides are slightly hacked

the water mark is all white,
i swear, i am right,

You must give me a new phone, you must you must, you must,

it's not my fault you see,
it just can't be...

bens2012 said...

Father, please.

I need more money don't you see.

I'm unwilling to do work, however.

I will not even touch a lever.

I just need more money.

This prediciment is not funny.

Please, please, money, please.

I need it to get away my fleas, buy some peas, get some keys, eat that food of Chinese, or some kleenex for my sneeze, maybe get some cheese, or lose a disease,

Father don't you sees

nickb2012 said...

Mrs smith, Mrs smith you must accept this you see,
i came home last night and fell asleep,

i am coughing up a lung,
even i don't know what is at the back of my tongue,

i'm sitting here in bed,
all of my body hurts, even my head

i can't clear my nose
so please don't give me zeros

i know this is late,
about 12 hours, but please, i must debate,

that i am terribly sick,
and it's hard to make even this poem rhythmic

so hard to tell the truth
that now the pain is also in my tooth

please please please please,
don't become a sleaze

and just give me an a,
i dont care about the grade,

more about the learning,
not as much the earning,

connorm said...

Persuasive poems are junk,
They don't even make it into the trunk.
Why this is that and and you should see,
How everything supposed to be.

Now let me tell of this story,
That supports my lonesome theory,
If a persuasive poem was actually useful,
We would be delightful.

There would be no arguments,
That cause disagreements,
So perhaps persuasive poems are actually good,
We may need them just like food.

A persuasive poem can encourage thought,
The can encourage something to be sought,
This strange anomaly,
May destroy monopolies.

What a strange little tool,
That should not be handle by a fool,
Something that must be used wisely,
For it to be spread widely.

So use this poem if you wish,
Because it will bring you a good dish,
And when you finish,
Make sure to enjoy your fish.

jordang2012 said...

Why do you force me to do things I hate,
By trying to act to me as some bait?
I feel it is time to be honest and true,
Since you seem to have not gotten the clue.

I don't want to be a lawyer, you see,
it wouldn't give me any amount of glee,
a vet is, too, a no for me,
helping animals to lose their fleas?
A teacher, no, I do not believe,
constantly having to wear shirts with sleeves,
Nor an officer, either,
I could not stand having to be an agent neither.

The job that is perfect for me,
Is to be a Jedi, you agree?

They are the bold symbols of freedom,
rising up quickly in the levels of stardom.
Courageous, strong, very good neighbors,
we are even allowed to have light-sabers.

Protecting the galaxy is what I want to do,
now, with this poem, I believe I'm through.